Simpleter :
Your all-in-one software at an affordable price!

The only software designed by business leaders to ensure the smooth operational, functional and financial management of your company. A complete, innovative and efficient ERP in SaaS mode, specially designed for small and medium-sized businesses.

Simpleter helps you simplify the management of your business! The tool guides you, alerts you and prioritizes your tasks. Simpleter centralizes all your data (customers, service providers, suppliers, etc.), optimizes the planning of your field staff, automates your business procedures and redundant tasks, suggests the duplication of tasks or quotes, and pinpoints key points for improvement.

Right from the home page, Simpleter gives you a 360° view of your business: dashboards, performance indicators, non-compliance warnings, lists of quotes to be made, lists of invoices to be sent, lists of tasks to be planned...

The tool is intuitive, user-friendly and simple to use, so even the most computer-averse will be won over! Simpleter replaces your spreadsheets, post-it notes, multiple data entries and tedious manual tasks to improve your productivity and profitability.

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Simpleter ERP offers a solution for every feature, so you can manage your business with complete peace of mind:


They're using Simpleter, what they think.

  • Bertrand CASTAGNE
  • Julien SAUER

I dreamed of it, Simpleter made it happen !

With over thirty years of experience in business and public services, I quickly realized the importance of relying my development on a sophisticated and high-performing management tool. Digitization has always been a complicated issue, with both off-the-shelf solutions being too generic and customized tools being too expensive.

Simpleter, designed by seasoned professionals, meets the requirements and specificities of our activities on dispersed sites. It's the ultimate business management tool. With Simpleter, I have total control over my operations. I'm particularly impressed by the "Work Order" module, which enables me to precisely manage numerous interventions without losing track.

Julien SAUER

I run a service company in Belgium... …

My company installs and maintains all building security equipment (fire detection, fire suppression, fire doors, intrusion detection, etc.)

I adopted the Simpleter software a year ago, and it has been a significant change. Today, Simpleter supports all my employees, both in functional and operational roles.

Since Simpleter covers all aspects of the company, we no longer need any other management tools. It's very reassuring, and the relevant reports greatly assist me in managing my human resources. I can quickly identify non-conformities and determine additional training needs.

Simpleter doesn't let anything slip through the cracks! Whenever a step is not in compliance, we are alerted and must correct our work.

The planning module is excellent; it optimizes the routes of my technicians, taking into account their place of residence, workload, and skills. I can easily organize recurring tours and handle large-scale planning with just a few clicks. This saves me time and optimizes the work schedules of my technicians.

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