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TUTO Create a new work order

QUICK and SIMPLE with Simpleter

STEP 1: Customer data

Click on "Add a work order"

Use the magnifying glass to select customer data:

  • Customer
  • Brand name
  • Site
  • Requester

>> Drop-down menus appear. It only takes a few clicks

STEP 2: Management and reporting data

Select management data

  • Analytical account
  • Contract type
  • Invoicing

Select reporting data :

  • Service
  • Urgency
  • Technical skill

>> No manual entry required!

STEP 3: Fill in the details of the task

  • Title
  • Subject
  • Text
  • The desired date (using the calendar)

Then click on "validate".

>> Text templates are available to avoid manual entry!

STEP 4 (optional): Add procedures and supplies

Use the magnifying glass to add procedures:

  • Passive procedures
  • Active procedures

Add specific supplies and tools

  • List specific supplies required
  • List collective tooling requirements

>> Simpleter is technical and efficient! It took you less than 1 minute to create your work order!

Click on the link below to view the video on our YouTube channel:

TUTO Simpleter  : create a work order
TUTO Simpleter : create a work order

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